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Where technology meets equality
& collaboration advances innovation

TECHquality is Health 2.0's Mentorship Program that connects diverse health technology innovators (or innovators-to-be) with individuals who are leaders in health technology; from serial entrepreneurs to investors to CEOs, these individuals are committed to supporting individuals from all backgrounds in their health technology endeavors.


TECHquality Spring 2017 - Snapshot of Mentee Experience
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Bridging the diversity-gap in health technology through structured guidance and support for individuals from underrepresented groups in the health technology.


  1. Provide guidance and support to diverse individuals, encouraging innovation and
    facilitating growth in health technology.
  2. Heighten awareness of the need for diverse health technology innovators and build inclusive health technology that is representative of the diverse patient populations that the health technology industry serves.
  3. Level the playing field for underrepresented groups by accelerating connections
    in the health technology space.

Why Mentoring?

Building one-on-one connections has been proven to significantly help diverse individuals to advance in both the personal and professional environment. Health 2.0 is committed to making health technology more inclusive starting with supporting diverse health technology innovators and up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Program Benefits

  • Matching with a mentor who is a leader in health tech and has had success in your area(s) of interest
  • Monthly (or more!) opportunity to bounce ideas of your mentor, get supportive guidance and insight into the health tech industry
  • Networking opportunities including: access to TECHquality LinkedIn Group, Slack Channel and access to full list program participants
  • Access to compiled resources on the DiversityInHealthTech website
  • Structured goal setting over the 4-month long program: Co-develop goals during the first Mentor/Mentee meeting 

Who Should Apply?

TECHquality mentees are individuals who are currently in the health tech space, or want to be, and are part of an underrepresented group in health tech. Mentees may have an idea they want to bounce off of someone who has been there before, is in the process of creating a new technology or is just beginning their career and looking for direction.  Mentees understand the need to diversify health tech and want to be part of changing the health tech landscape. Individuals who are new to health tech, or have a new idea, are encouraged to apply..

TECHquality mentors are individuals established in the health tech space. From CEO/COOs/CTOs, VCs, to serial entrepreneurs, these individuals are committed to helping individuals from underrepresented groups in health tech grow their ideas and their careers.

Application process

  • Complete full application.
    Mentees: complete the application here. Mentors: complete the application here.
  • Complete a 15 minute Interview with Health 2.0 team
  • Attend the Kickoff Webinar
  • Submit a “Goals of TECHquality” after first Mentor/Mentee meeting
  • Meet at least once a month to discuss growth strategies and reflect on progress
  • Complete a mid-program and final feedback survey
  • Submit a short video sharing progress and outcomes