Health 2.0, with support by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is focused on increasing diversity in health technology via entrepreneurs and enabling inclusive health technology innovation


There is a lack of diversity among health technology innovators and a shortage of technologies that meet the needs of minority audiences. Technology is a powerful tool that can help improve health outcomes and alleviate problems within our current health system. As our society grows increasingly diverse and gaps in health among different populations increase, there is an urgency to develop solutions for underserved communities and diversify the population of innovators who are creating these solutions.      

our strategy

Health 2.0 launched a new initiative focused on driving more diversity in health technology.  This program kicked-off at the Health 2.0’s Annual Fall Conference with it's first "Diversity in Health Technology" Workshop. Since then, Health 2.0 completed it's first round of TECHquality, Health 2.0's Diversity Mentorship Program. TECHquality provides an opportunity for underrepresented innovators (or innovators-to-be) to be matched with leaders in the health technology field to help guide and support the innovators in their health technology endeavors. Applications are now closed for the second class of TECHquality.